School Uniform


Uniform Policy

Our school uniform is important to us. We believe that the wearing of a school uniform enables children to identify with their school, gives a sense of belonging, is practical and smart, reinforces a positive work ethos and reduces expenditure for parents/carers.


  • All children wear the correct uniform to school
  •  Children feel proud to belong to the school
  •  Parents share the expectations of the school


Uniform Details:

Children need to wear entirely black trainers / black shoes or ankle boots.
No heels, knee length boots or open toe shoes.

Please note children will be on the playground playing and running around and shoes need to be suitable to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Plain Navy Blue / school logo sweatshirt or cardigan.
White shirt
School Tie
Grey / Black trousers or skirt/ pinafore
Black / grey / white socks or black / grey tights
Black or Grey  trousers – (Leggings and jean like trousers are not permitted)
Black or Grey Skirts – (Skirts must be knee length and not not tight)

As above plus blue/white checked dress or black or grey school shorts.

Children should keep their PE kit in school, wherever possible, as we like to encourage exercise as much as possible during the week.
White T Shirt
Black or navy blue shorts
Black or navy blue jogging bottoms / jumper



  •  It is expected that children wear the school uniform each day
  •  If a child arrives at school wearing non uniform they will be expected to wear school uniform and this will be provided by the school for that day.
  •  Parents are asked to clearly label every item of school clothing with their child’s name.
  •  The children are responsible for taking care of their own items of uniform.
  •  There are lost property containers located in school. Any items left unclaimed are periodically displayed and then disposed of.
  •  If there is any reason why a child cannot wear our uniform, for example in the case of medical reasons, then the school will consider sympathetically any such request from a parent.
  •  Children should not wear nail varnish or make up in school.
  •  Jewellery On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The exceptions to this rule are one small pair of earring studs in pierced ears and a working watch.
  •  The school does not permit children to have patterns, extensions or colouring in their hair. Hair which is longer than shoulder length, for either boys or girls, is advised to be tied back. Hair accessories such as hair slides or headbands must be small and need to be black or the school colours.
  •  If a child does not wear the correct uniform, a verbal or written reminder of our expectations will be communicated to the parents


Although we do not directly supply uniform from school, all of our uniform (including ties and jumpers/cardigans with logos) can be purchased from the following suppliers:

Wynsors World Of Shoes: Marsh Street North, Hanley,

Smart Uniform:

Gooddies Limited:

Plain shirts, trousers and PE kit can also be purchased at the majority of local supermarkets.

There is some second hand uniform available in school, please contact the school office.