Key Policies

                            If you require a paper copy of any policy, please contact the academy office on 01782 568680 or email


Admissions Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
Charging & Remissions Policy
Complaints Procedure (SBMAT)
Confidentiality Statement (SBMAT)
COVID-19 Safeguarding Addendum
Dealing with Persistent & Vexatious Complaints Policy (SBMAT)
Equal Opportunities Policy & Accessibility Plan
Equality & Diversity Policy (SBMAT)
Exclusion Policy
First Aid Policy (SBMAT)
First Aid Policy – Appendices
First Aid Risk Assessment
First Aid Risk Assessment (EYFS)
Health & Safety Policy (SBMAT)
Homework Policy
Privacy Notice for Parents (SBMAT)
Safeguarding Policy
Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy
Staff Code of Conduct
Whisteblowing Policy (SBMAT)