What to Bring


Your child will need to bring a suitable coat to school with them everyday. This will allow them to comfortably enjoy the outdoor area daily. During the Winter months children may also wish to bring hats, scarves and gloves to wear. Please make sure each item is labelled.

Book bags

Your child will be given a book bag at the start of the year which they will need to bring to school each day to aid communication from school to home.

 In Reception:

Inside the bag will be a reading record and a reading book which will be changed once a week. There will also be a phonics purse with key phonemes and your child’s choice of library book.


To engage in outdoor activities in our wooded area, your child will need a pair of wellies to leave in school.

Extra necessary accessories

As we spend time a lot in the outdoors every day, please ensure your child has a hat, scarf and gloves with them during the winter months. During the summer, your child will need a sun hat to protect them from the sun. 

Water bottles

Please make sure your child brings a named water bottle each day and fills it up before coming to school.


Your child will need to come to school wearing their PE kit on their P.E. day.. 

Nursery: Monday

Reception: Friday

Spare clothes

Your child will need a named bag with spare clothes in which can be left at school on their peg. This is in case of any toileting or water accidents.


Your child does not need to bring any food as they will be offered a piece of fruit and milk from school. Every child is entitled to free milk until they reach the age of five.