EYFS Parent Information

We see parents/carers as having an important role in their child’s education and staff meet regularly with them to discuss their children’s needs.  We also provide regular parent/carer workshops on phonics, reading and maths and how to support their children at home.  Our key event afternoons are particularly well attended, and parents/carers/aunties/uncles and grandparents have all been known to thoroughly enjoy sharing the activities on offer and the opportunity to work with their children. 

We are committed to giving our children the best possible start to their school life. We work in partnership with parents, carers, and families to ensure their well-being and success in the future.

Ways children up to the age of 5 can be supported to form positive brain developments:


  • Sharing stories
  • Visiting libraries
  • Singing nursery rhymes and other songs
  • Talking about experiences


  • Voice counting
  • Counting out a set of objects (3 cars/ 5 apples, etc.)
  • Recognising numbers to 10 and more

Fine Motor Skills

  • Playing with dough
  • Threading (eg. Cheerios on to spaghetti sticks)


We use Tapestry to share videos of key events and activities that take place in school and the children’s learning and progress.


 We offer 26 full time places for children aged 3 and 4, regardless of funding.

​We ensure that all children are provided with a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment. This enables the children to engage in high quality learning experiences daily.

​We understand that every child is ‘unique and individual’ and develop at different rates and at varied stages. Therefore, our dedicated, caring and experienced Early Years team are committed to providing a positive environment where children and their families feel safe and valued.

We strive to provide children with a vibrant, engaging and challenging learning environment which helps them to develop their full potential.

Our outdoor and indoor areas provide nursery children with exciting opportunities to improve their gross and fine motor skills and develop language and critical thinking.  We also support our nursery children to develop into independent and successful learners.

KSM 2024-25 Nursery Arrangements
KSM 2025-26 Nursery Arrangements
KSM 2025-26 Reception Arrangements
Application for Admission to Nursery Aged Setting (Word doc)
Application for Admission to Nursery Aged Setting (PDF)