Goblin Car Racing Club

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Thanks to KMF, a local metal fabrication company, Knutton St Mary’s have entered a team into the Greenpower Goblin Racing project.


Greenpower is a national project which has been running since 1999 and is designed to promote and encourage young people to develop an interest in and understanding of engineering and technology. The programme involves students in the practical applications of engineering as they design, construct, drive and race an electric car. The project is divided into separate ‘Formulae’ to suit different age groups and to allow continuity from Primary right through to S6/College.


So far, a group of Year 5 students along with Mr Lawton and an engineer from KMF have designed and built a Goblin racing car.  They are now ready to test the car and design the exterior before registering for one of the many events held around the country.


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