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Regular PE Days


Mrs Strickland



Miss Kelly

Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday but please have PE kits in every day as we may occasionally need to change days.



Daily Reading
Weekly English, Spelling & Maths 
Daily Times Tables Rock Stars

Topic Overview:

We are continuing with our Spy topic this term.   Our secret and dangerous missions are helping us to develop confidence and prepare for our SATs. 

Our English work will be based on the text ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz.

In Maths, we will use our number and calculation skills to crack codes and solve missions.

In Science we will learn how light travels.  We will find out about inventions that have changed the world and technology that spies will use in the future.

In Art we will create our own spy gadgets, these will look like everyday objects but will have hidden gadgets within them!



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